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why you should be monitoring

There are three main things that you are looking for when performance monitoring your website, API or mobile app. In very particular order, you want to know: Is my API, web or mobile application available? Is it functioning...

Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic monitoring, also called directed monitoring, and real monitoring also called passive monitoring; with each method there can be variations in the specifics of performing the task.Synthetic monitoring just means that a...

Complete Guide To API Monitoring

SmartBear's Complete Guide To API Monitoring.

API Performance in a Consumer-Driven World

In this webinar, you will learn: Why API Performance is critical to your business Best practices for using load testing and monitoring together for great API performance Practical Tips for load testing and monitoring your...

API Monitoring with AlertSite

Overview of API monitoring

AlertSite - Monitoring for the connected world

This provides an overview of AlertSite 

How To Monitor APIs For Free

Free API Monitoring for Ready! API customers with AlertSite!

What is Mobile Testing?

The vast majority of software firms already recognize the value of investing in the development of mobile apps, so it only makes sense to extend that investment into testing as well, despite all of the added cost and...

API Benchmarks

The latest API performance benchmarks for various sites.

What is Application Performance Management?

Application performance management (APM) is the art of managing the performance, availability, and user experience of software applications. APM monitors the speed at which transactions are performed both by end-users and by...

What is Real-User Monitoring?

RUM (pronounced like every pirate’s favorite beverage) is, as its name implies, an approach to Web monitoring that aims to capture and analyze every transaction of every user of your website or application.

What is Root Cause Analysis?

There is an enormous difference between treating symptoms and actually curing a chronic condition. When it comes to software quality and application performance management, the same rule applies.

The Current and Future State of Application Performance Management (APM)

APM solutions must evolve quickly to new, more sophisticated techniques which monitor every detail of every user interaction. This information-packed on-demand webinar from two leading experts—Jonah Kowall, VP Research, Gartner...

Essential Guide to API Monitoring

Most of us can now say that we have built our web applications on a foundation of APIs, both internal and external. With so much emphasis on the tiny API, it’s important to recognize its inherent power and make sure you...

User-Centric Guide to Application Delivery Across the Modern Lifecycle [Interactive eBook]

In order to meet increasingly high user expectations, businesses need to deliver higher quality software at a faster rate or lose market share to competition. that do. This interactive eBook takes you through the differences in...

Definitive Guide to Synthetic Vs Real Application Monitoring [Interactive eBook]

There is no denying application performance has a direct impact on business results, and in order to properly manage your applications and end-user experience you need to monitor them. This interactive eBook discusses...

Digital Guide to Unified User Experience Management with Alertsite [Interactive eBook]

Synthetic Monitoring. Real User Monitoring. API Monitoring. Code-Level Transaction Tracing. Root Cause Analysis. Load testing. All of these are essential for ensuring application quality and delivering a superior user...

Next Generation APM: Unified User Experience Monitoring [Interactive eBook]

APM solutions have begun to deliver on the promise of proactively identifying and diagnosing performance issues before users are impacted—but they are still far from perfect. For starters, why the lack of unified...

Building Plugins in SoapUI Pro - API Strat Workshop 2014

We all like things the way we like them, right? No product is really a "one size fits all" solution and, as developers and testers ourselves, we know we won't get everything right all the time. So we've made our API readiness...

What Is Web Performance Monitoring?

The practice of analyzing websites to ensure they display content quickly, load pages at consistent speeds and don’t suffer downtime is called Web performance monitoring.

AlertSite overview by Bryan Semple

Bryan Semple, CMO talks about about AlertSite; SmartBear’s New Application Quality and Performance Management Platform.

Bulletproof Your Web Performance Strategy

A complete Web monitoring solution needs to highlight the performance gaps resulting in poor user experience and lost revenue. Explores 6 commonly overlooked functionalities that make the difference between a winning and losing...

A Guide To Ensuring a Quality Web Experience

Now, more than ever, your business success hinges on your ability to ensure a quality web experience across internal and external users. Review important industry trends that must be considered as you define your website strategy.

Case Study: Revelex

Explore how Revelex, a developer of innovative travel technology solutions, relies on AlertSite to support client SLA data and identify and repair client application performance issues before they surface in production.

Case Study: Grass Roots

Grass Roots Leverages SmartBear AlertSite to Prove Customer Websites Satisfy SLA Requirements SmartBear AlertSite Also Proactively Identifies Potential Usability Issues Before Impact on Website Visitors   Privately...

Case Study: Raymond James

Raymond James Invests in SmartBear Technology to Monitor Critical Financial-Transaction Applications AlertSite for Web and API Monitoring Proactively Tests End-User Experiences Behind the Firewall and Across the Global...

Presidential Race Website Benchmarks

The latest web performance benchmarks for presidential race websites.

Technology Site Benchmarks

The latest web performance benchmarks for Technology sites.

Social Networking Site Benchmarks

The latest web performance benchmarks for social networking sites.

URL Shortening Tool Site Benchmarks

The latest web performance benchmarks for URL Shortening tools.

Top 50 Retail Website Benchmarks

The latest web performance benchmarks for Top 50 Retailers.

Online Aggregator Website Benchmarks

The latest web performance benchmarks for Online Aggregators.

Job Board Website Benchmarks

The latest web performance benchmarks for Job Boards.

Healthcare Website Benchmarks

The latest web performance benchmarks for the Healthcare industry.

Financial Services Website Benchmarks

The latest web performance benchmarks for the Financial Services industry.

Cell Phone Carrier Website Benchmarks

The latest web performance benchmarks for Cell Phone Carriers.

Case Study: ArcLight

ArcLight Relies on AlertSite to Speed Up Online Ticket Sales When movie theater operator ArcLight’s new website experienced intermittent slowdowns that prevented customers from buying tickets, the company lost revenue...

Case Study: Exostar

Exostar Turns to AlertSite to Make Customer Care More Reliable Exostar’s identity assurance products and on-demand business applications reduce risk, improve agility, and strengthen trading partner relationships and...

Case Study: Fordham University

AlertSite Earns Top Grades at Fordham University Fordham University’s IT Services provides round-the-clock support for more than 16,000 students and faculty. With so many critical data centers needed to run these...

Case Study: Shopbop

AlertSite Ensures Web Performance is Always in Style at Shopbop Shopbop is a leading online retailer of high-end clothing for fashion-conscious women. To ensure its ongoing success and drive revenue growth, Shopbop realized...

Case Study: LunaWarehouse

Alertsite Shines Bright for LunaWarehouse LunaWarehouse is a commercial and residential lighting retailer that conducts the majority of its business online. Committed to providing a safe, reliable shopping experience for its...

Case Study: edo Interactives

AlertSite is edo Interactive’s Ticket to Improved Website Performance and Security edo Interactive develops technologies that use payment card platforms for digital marketing purposes, such as the placement of coupons on...

Case Study: American Red Cross

AlertSite is the Lifeline to Uptime for American Red Cross The American Red Cross needed geographically dispersed testing to monitor and measure the performance of its Microsoft SharePoint sites—which receive more than...

Case Study:

AlertSite Gives a 20-20 View of Website Performance, the world’s largest online reading glasses store, realized that the lack of an external system to monitor, measure and test...

Case Study: Branding Brand

Branding Brand provides mobile commerce and social media turnkey solutions to retailers. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Branding Brand's in-house design and development teams re-deploy websites across multiple channels ...

Case Study: Incentive Networks

Incentive Networks Saves over $3 Million a Year with SmartBear’s AlertSite Website Monitoring Incentive Networks provides a private-label, merchant-funded loyalty-marketing platform for hundreds of partners across...
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