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The Leader in Software Quality Tools for the Connected World

Software applications today run everywhere and are connected to everything. They run on desktop, mobile, web, internet of things devices, public and private clouds.  They connect using APIs to data sources, each other and Internet of Things devices. SmartBear calls the collection these applications, devices, and data sources the connected world.
Building applications for this connected world requires some different strategies and processes.  This is where SmartBear comes in. Our software quality tools are built to help developers, testers and operations teams deliver the best applications for a connect world.

We are headquartered in Somerville, MA with offices in Stockholm, Tula, Galway, Coconut Creek and Austin. Built for efficiency and low cost, our software is delivered via download or SaaS models.  We sell through ecommerce, a global inside sales team, and partners.  In addition to our commercial software offerings, we are stewards of some of the world’s largest open source software distributions.  Profitable and growing, we are almost always hiring great people. 
For the future, we see a highly connected world that will require even higher standards of software quality and usability than today.   Our customers will require even better tools, processes and monitoring systems for their developers, testers and IT operations teams to succeed.  It is this customer need that keeps us going and up at night.  We will continue to innovate, acquire when it makes sense, and do whatever it takes to help our customers deliver the world’s best applications.

Customers & Case Studies

SmartBear customers range from single-seat installations at small companies to 1,000-seat installations at some of the largest private and public organizations in the world. Whether you're launching a company, or launching a spaceship, we’re here for you.

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Customers: Panasonic, eBay, Adobe, Apple, Intel, Symantec Learn More About Our Customers

Company Overview

Employees: 250+

Offices in:
  • Austin, Tx
  • Somerville, MA
  • Coconut Creek, Fl
  • Galway, Ireland
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Tula, Russia
  • API Testing
  • API Security
  • API Virtualization
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Automated Testing
  • Code Collaboration
  • Functional Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Test Management

Our Team

Our leadership team exudes passion for software quality management and customer satisfaction. Learn about their accomplishments and how they contribute to our success.

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Lauren Renewal Specialist
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There are 17 million developers and testers in the world. I’m doing my part to get every single one of them to try a SmartBear product and become a satisfied customer.
Over 250 employees across the world

Work With Us

SmartBear is growing and hiring in all our locations.  Given the global nature of the company, each office is a bit different, but this diversity is what makes it fun.  During the course of the day, you might work with people in any of our offices. At SmartBear, we are as globally connected as the applications we help our customers build.  Lean more about careers at SmartBear.

SmartBear and Open Source

If you are a software developer, you know the benefits of open source. Open source embodies the best of the software development community.
At SmartBear, we not only applaud the spirit of innovation that open source projects exemplify but we are also stewards of a key open source project – SoapUI.  SoapUI is the worlds most widely deployed API testing application. Our stewardship of SoapUI represents how we operate as a company in an open, collaborative and creative way.  Join us.

The SmartBear Story

SmartBear Software has its roots in three companies brought together by Insight Venture Partners starting in 2007. These companies formed the original nucleus around testing and collaboration tools for software professionals.

Since then, the company has grown, expanded globally and become profitable. The name, SmartBear, was adopted from one of these companies, and has its roots in the John Irving novel Hotel New Hampshire where a “smart bear makes all the difference.” Given the fun, quirky and memorable ring to the name, combined with the fact that Smartbear’s software quality tools make all the difference in creating great applications, the name has stuck.