Software applications today run everywhere and are connected to everything. They connect using APIs to data sources, each other, and the Internet of Things (IoT). SmartBear calls the collection of these applications, "The Connected World." Building applications for this new, more complex, world requires some different strategies and processes to keep things simple.

This is where SmartBear comes in. SmartBear is the leader in software quality tools for the connected world. Our products are created to help developers, testers, and operations teams deliver the world’s best applications across web, mobile, enterprise, and IoT platforms.  We provide the tools for code collaboration, functional testing, load testing, and performance monitoring of this connected world and its new complexities.

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Mobile Apps

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Internet of Things (IoT)

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API Virtualization

Continuous Integration
Continuous Integration



Mobile App Testing + Performance

Rampant device and operating system fragmentation existing in the mobile market necessitates having a different testing strategy than traditionally used to test desktop and web applications. Additionally, behind every mobile device there are multiple APIs and web services that power the front-end experience. Testing just the front-end or graphical user interface (GUI) is not sufficient and testers need to ensure that the APIs that influence the GUI work as expected. Analyzing how applications behave across different networks and monitoring APIs post deployment are another set of challenges associated with mobile. SmartBear provides multiple tools that help organizations overcome these challenges and thereby balance speed of mobile application delivery with quality.


      Mobile Solutions      

Web Application Testing + Performance

Web applications have become both critical and more complicated across industries. Critical because customers, clients and anyone that wants to communicate with a business, expects to be able to do so online in real time. More complicated because no website or application stands alone. Modern software architecture and web deployment is based on a component architecture. The components come from a variety of sources, and are deployed over a distributed architecture, coming together finally only in the web browser of a range of devices.

The challenge is to create, test, and deliver quality web apps on such diverse technologies.


        Web Solutions        

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vision of the future being built today, and represents huge business opportunities for device manufacturers, software developers, and cloud solution providers. SmartBear provides a family of tools to speed the delivery of IoT solutions with support for protocols like MQTT alongside traditional SOAP and modern REST web services, so you can start integrating aspects of functional, security, and performance into your testing process well before final builds are completed.

Internet of Things Solutions

API Readiness

Innovators want to release great APIs, fantastically successful and widely adopted. These APIs have to be easy to use and deliver compelling amounts of value. Ready! API provides an easy, cost-effective approach to maintaining proactive issue detection, secure, high performance APIs throughout their delivery lifecycles. SmartBear helps you stay focused on innovation while making sure you protect your assets before releasing your great ideas to the world.


API Readiness Solutions

API Virtualization

API teams face many obstacles to rapidly build, test, and deploy services. Testers need stable environments, developers need to be able to change things, and managers need everyone to work seamlessly without conflict. ServiceV by SmartBear is the only API-specific virtualization platform requiring minimal skill and commitment to make a vital difference in your schedule and budget.


API Virtualization Solutions

Continuous Integration

Companies today are required to develop, test, and deploy products in a much shorter release cycle to stay competitive in the market place. Add to that, market expectations that these products need to be released on multiple platforms and devices. The old linear fashion of developing software is therefore undergoing a change. SmartBear’s products help organizations deliver faster and improve release cycle times by increasing automation across development-test-deploy value stream.


Continuous Integration Solutions


API development teams with more than a few small APIs need to deliver reliable web services for apps and devices to consume. Microservices are a revelation in how we build large-scale distributed systems, helping us build many single point solutions that integrate together at a higher level. But while microservice architecture provides a more evolved paradigm over older monolithic approaches, the pattern comes with its own challenges: newness, complexity, and overhead.

Microservices Solutions

Performance Monitoring

Modern businesses heavily rely on web and mobile apps and the APIs that empower them. These applications work in conjunction to deliver seamless end user experience. Then why monitor them separately?

Alertsite provides a unified platform to monitor web, mobile and SaaS applications as well as the APIs you may provide or consume. AlertSite gives you a 360-degree view of your application performance, exactly as seen by the end user.

Performance Monitoring