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Manual and Exploratory Testing

Step-By-Step Manual Testing with TestComplete

Manual testing is performed by the tester who carries out all of the actions on the tested application manually, step-by-step and indicates whether a particular step was accomplished successfully or whether it failed. Manual testing is always a part of any testing effort. It is especially useful in the initial phase of software development, when the software and user interface are not stable and beginning automation does not make sense. Another use of manual tests is to have the testers manually perform specific checks or tasks at a certain stage of your automated testing process, for example, before or after an automated test or between two parts of an automated test.

Customizable Sequence of Manual Test Steps

Manual tests provided by Microsoft Word, Excel or text documents may be hard to follow, because the manual testers can lose the current instruction while scrolling through the manual test instructions and switching between them and the application under test. You will not have this problem with TestComplete, where manual tests consist of multiple test steps and substeps displayed one-by-one making it easier for manual testers to focus on individual manual test steps. You can divide your manual tests into any number of steps that best suits your particular needs.

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Rich Formatting of Manual Test Instructions

The text of manual test instructions can be customized using TestComplete’s rich text formatting capabilities: you can change fonts and colors, embed images, add lists, tables and other content to clarify the manual test steps and the expected results.

Manual Tests

Comprehensive Manual Test Execution Control and Reporting

During the manual test execution, a special wizard guides manual testers through the manual test instructions and traces the results of each manual test step.


Manual testers are given a wide choice of options to control manual tests:

  • Report each manual test step as passed or failed.
  • Add comments explaining why a certain step passed or failed and post screenshots to illustrate the tested application’s behavior.
  • Skip certain manual test steps.
  • Suspend and resume the manual test at any time, preserving the test progress.
  • Stop the manual test beforehand.

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Manual Test Import and Export

TestComplete provides tools to import manual test instructions from Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, text files, databases and other sources so that you can easily migrate your legacy manual tests into TestComplete. You can export TestComplete’s manual tests to Microsoft Word or HTML if some manual testers are more comfortable with these formats or if you need to send manual test instructions to your outside partners.

Enhance Manual Tests With Automated Keyword Tests and Scripts

Manual tests in TestComplete can be partially automated using keyword tests and test scripts for advanced control over the testing process. This lets you leverage TestComplete’s automation capabilities to simplify and accelerate especially labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks, like checking system metrics that are not visible to end-users.

Smooth Automation of Legacy Manual Tests

When it comes to automating legacy manual tests, TestComplete provides you with all of the necessary tools needed for seamless test automation. Manual test automation is performed the same way as the test execution, with the only difference being that TestComplete records all test steps performed by the manual tester. The generated automated test can be immediately re-used and integrated into your test suites.

It is possible to automate the entire manual test at once, or automate individual test steps one-by-one — whatever suites your needs.

Detailed Manual Test Log

Once a manual test is finished, TestComplete automatically generates a software test log containing the summary of executed, passed and failed manual test steps as well as details on each step. The logs are accumulated for easier comparison of different manual test run results.

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