LoadUI Pro - load testing tool

LoadUI Pro lets you create, configure and redistribute your load tests interactively and in real-time. In a single test environment, LoadUI Pro provides complete test coverage and supports all the standard protocols and technologies. And it's so powerful, it generates scalable, high-volume load from any number of local and remote computers.

Create Simple and Complex Scenarios

Create load tests by adding components to your load test canvas

Create multiple test paths and insert delays using our test flow logic visualizer

Integrate with SoapUI Pro to re-use your functional tests under load

Add SLA assertions to guarantee speed under load


Manage Your Load Tests in Real-Time

Start, pause, stop and reset your load tests in real time

View live statistics from any load agent at any given time

Compare your historical test runs with live statistics for real-time analytics

Build reports automatically by dragging and dropping pre-built analysis components

Make Smarter Decisions with Data

Use actionable performance intelligence based on load test run history

Find predictive behaviours and hidden patterns using real time intelligence and historical trends

Access load test results and easily archive them for future reference

Export data and/or reports for deeper analysis 

Vary Your Load Tests Based on Need

Use our agents to distribute your load tests, locally and remotely

Create a baseline of your application before running other tests

Develop soak, spike and stress tests easily and interactively

Isolate performance bottlenecks in your system

Automate your load testing for continuous testing


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