Web Monitoring

Monitoring Website Performance

It's important to monitor your websites from the end user's perspective-the goal is to ensure that the end user is happy. In order to do that it is important to recreate what users do and measure all the responses from each part of each step in the process. AlertSite UXM provides a number of capabilities so that you can find issues that effect end users before they do.


Monitor where your users are - even if they are asleep

An independent global monitoring network

80+ locations provide a view of your performance anywhere you need. The network is independent, operational 24X7. This is the optimal method for web monitoring- providing a complete picture of the state of your web applications and web sites at all times.


Use Real Browsers

Browser-based transaction monitoring

By starting with a real browser to record interactions with a web application, you simulate an actual user.  By using a real browser to play back the interactions for monitoring, you get the information from the end user's perspective. This is the critical difference to get the information about how your web applications are working.

Perceived user experience metrics

These measurements of the time it takes for a page and the objects on it to load in the top third of the page  (above the fold) can only be obtained using a real browser.  Perceived user experience metrics tell you what the user experience feels like- when someone comes to a page if the top of the page loads first then what they see loads fast. Captured screen shots show what the page looks like to a user at each milestone.


Find the Issue Fast

Finding the root cause of performance problems shouldn't be like finding a needle in a haystack

Knowing there's a problem is only half of the battle. AlertSite UXM shows you where the problem lies- is it your code or a third party? Integration with leading deep dive APM tools brings you to the application code.

Availability monitoring is provided for:

  • Email (IMAP, POP,SMPT).
  • FTP (secure).
  • Name Server.
  • Secure web site.
  • Server/Device Ping.
  • Simple TCP connect.
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