AlertSite Insite and Private Nodes

Monitoring Inside the Firewall

AlertSite InSite provides:

360-Degree Perspective

Get a 360-degree view. Now you can compare metrics from behind your firewall with similar measurements taken from outside your network to more quickly diagnose slowdowns, errors and other performance issues.

  • Internal Application Performance Monitoring

Understand the performance of critical enterprise applications not accessible from the public Internet.

  • Objective Data from a Client's Perspective

Deploy at a client location to gather objective performance and availability data to compare against SLAs and client perceptions.

Monitor from 

  • Your Data Center

    AlertSite Insite is an appliance that can be placed on premises to monitor critcal internal applications that can not be exposed beyond the firewall.

  • Your VM

    Private Node Server is the VM version of the InSite appliance.  Deploy monitors in your network without the need for a physical appliance.  Monitor your internal applications and APIs.

  • Your Desktops

    Private Node Micro lets you monitor from any desktop/laptop.  These very local nodes provide information about performance for specific locations.  Trouble shoot performance issues in branch offices or customer locations.

Features include:

  • Notification of errors via pager, SMS text messaging, and VOIP phone call.
  • Notification of updated products and services—such as new versions of DéjàClick—via pager, SMS text messaging, and VoIP phone call, or via the InSite Console "Status" button. Optional free downloads included.
  • "check-in time" status alerts if AlertSite fails to receive regular communication from your InSite appliance. Free diagnosis and remediation included.
  • ServerAgent included to monitor the health and resource allocation of your InSite station.
  • Enhanced security with web proxy, masking the IP address of your InSite box.
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