AlertSite InSite—for monitoring inside the firewall

AlertSite InSite provides:

360-Degree Perspective

Get a 360-degree view. Now you can compare metrics from behind your firewall with similar measurements taken from outside your network to more quickly diagnose slowdowns, errors and other performance issues.

Internal Application Performance Monitoring

Understand the performance of critical enterprise applications not accessible from the public Internet.

Objective Data from a Client's Perspective

Deploy InSite at a client location to gather objective performance and availability data to compare against SLAs and client perceptions.

Features include:

  • An appliance that can be configured according to capacity needs.
  • Notification of errors via pager, SMS text messaging, and VOIP phone call.
  • Notification of updated products and services—such as new versions of DéjàClick—via pager, SMS text messaging, and VoIP phone call, or via the InSite Console "Status" button. Optional free downloads included.
  • InSite "check-in time" status alerts if AlertSite fails to receive regular communication from your InSite appliance. Free diagnosis and remediation included.
  • ServerAgent included to monitor the health and resource allocation of your InSite station.
  • Enhanced security with web proxy, masking the IP address of your InSite box.
  • Greatly expanded, detailed InSite User's Guide, accessible from the AlertSite Help page.

Important Benefits:

  • Quicker diagnosis of problems through multi-dimensional perspective.
  • Understand performance of internal applications that are not visible to the outside world via the Internet like back office applications, CRM and other web based applications.
  • Compare measurements from inside and outside your network to determine the likely location of slowdowns and performance problems.
  • Measures web performance from a client-specific location to obtain data from that client's point of view.
  • Customized view of web performance and availability.
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