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Become a Data-Driven Testing Ninja

Chances are that you've worked with TestComplete's Data Loop feature to read test data from an Excel file and then enter that data into your tests. This is a great first step towards a robust Data-Driven Testing Framework, but there is so much more you can do with data driven testing.

For example, you can scope the tests by selecting the UI controls to target, or you can increase coverage by automating both positive and negative test cases from the same spreadsheet. How convenient would it be to control which tests to run from within a spreadsheet or database?

The good news is you can improve your Data-Driven Tests— learn how to create Data-Driven Test Frameworks in this webinar.

Join SmartBear's Nick Olivo as he walks you through the steps needed to create your own data-driven testing framework. Note that this webinar will use JScript extensively and a good knowledge of a scripting language will be very beneficial for all participants.

From this webinar, you will:

  • Be one step closer to mastering test automation. Data-driven testing provides great value for a relatively small investment of time and resources.
  • Have a great opportunity to learn from a true TestComplete expert/ninja, so take advantage of Nick’s time.
  • TestComplete Q/A session

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