Try SmartBear's Approach to Painless, Paperwork-Free Code Review
Imagine code review without the pain of long meetings or mounds of paperwork. Imagine working with team members across the hall or across the world without lengthy email exchanges.

Try Collaborator to ensure that document and code reviews get done, comments aren’t lost, and the right people sign off! Collaborator combines a revolutionary peer review process with electronic signatures.
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Join the thousands of developers worldwide who now review code with the industry’s first and most full-featured commercial code review tool. Conduct source code reviews in no time. Use real-time chat for instant feedback and bulletin-board style communications.
Post comments directly on a specific line of code. Defects, comments, and version control files stay linked together, and conversation threads remain intact, even across multiple revisions. Diffs between different file versions are clearly marked and easy to see.
Improve overall code quality and capture review metrics in one place. Set up a customized workflow to ensure that source code reviews happen as part of your normal development process. When you find defects, the system will automatically track bugs and reviews cannot be completed until all bugs are fixed. 

Need to review more than just code? Check out Collaborator to review images, schematics and a whole lot more.

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