Create Load Tests - LoadUI Pro

Create Load Tests

Planning and creating your tests in LoadUI is a breeze. Featuring an innovative and intuitive interface, LoadUI sets a new standard for test creation. Powerful yet easy-to-use features let you do just about anything with your tests – in real-time.

Real-Time, Drag and Drop Test Creation

Create a variety of test scenarios just by dragging components from the Components Toolbar and dropping them onto your project canvas. It’s that easy!

Creating web service load tests in real time

Flow Control

Create multiple test paths, insert delays, and more, thanks to LoadUI’s highly customizable test flow logic.



Interactive Execution

Once you’ve created your tests, it takes just one click to play them. Just as easily pause, stop, reset or playback your tests.


SLA Verification

Accurately verify SLA performance objectives are met, and establish trust with your customers.


SoapUI Integration

Leverage the power of SoapUI in your load tests. Transfer your SoapUI functional test to LoadUI with just a click.


Elegant and Intuitive Interface

The days of manual testing and coding are over. Let the power of visuals and graphics do the testing magic for you. It’s way faster and easier.