Previous Releases of ServiceV Pro?

Innovative capabilities in previously released in ServiceV Pro

ServiceV Pro 2.1

This was a maintenence release.

ServiceV Pro 2.0

ServiceV Pro added the following features:

Control your virtual services better with the new dashboard.
  • Now you can see your virtual services alongside your functional and load test results. The new dashboard provides easy access to virtual services, you can view, start and stop services.
Reduce dependencies on relational databases.
  • New version of ServiceV Pro allows you to record and replay JDBC transactions, this allows you to continue development and testing even when your database is unavailable.

ServiceV Pro 1.9

Enable complete automation for your virtualization.
  • This release provides tools to control your Virt Servers through automation. You can deploy, un-deploy and perform many other functions through Scripts, Maven and Jenkins. Now enable virtualization in you Continuous Integration process and manage your APIs better.
Manage your virtualization environment better.
  • ServiceV Pro now enables better creation and management of Virts through some major enhancements to the user interface.

ServiceV Pro 1.8

Conditional routing is added, Requests can now be routed based on scripted conditions. Also, it is now easier to manage a large number of virts deployed to VirtServer with enhanced tagging and searching. Learn More

ServiceV Pro 1.6

We added the following features in ServiceV Pro and VirtServer:

  • Log all transactions to and from your virtual API deployed on VirtServer
  • Add/remove user permissions via shell commands
  • Use custom SSL certificates to secure VirtServer
  • Control port assignments via ServiceV Pro

ServiceV Pro 1.5

Creating mocks for components that you need finer-grained control over takes time. At least, it used to take time. With ServiceV, creating advanced dynamic mocks (we call them virts) that can respond differently based on input and parameters is a critical part of control over the behavior of your design and testing process.

For more information on the routing capabilities in ServiceV Pro, check it out in the features section.

Parameter Dispatch

Creating basic rules to define how incoming requests are routed to the proper responses is now even easier than ever. You can select from Query, Path, or Header sources to define compound rules to cover any case you might have without resorting to complex scripting.

ServiceV Pro 1.4

Not just advanced mocking anymore, ServiceV Pro now includes the ability to act as a high performance proxy. This enables two very important activities:


  • Setting your Virt into routing mode turns ServiceV into an API recorder, building up the actions and endpoints in your Virt automatically based on real-world traffic. This allows you to avoid creating Virts manually, even without a descriptor! The faster you build your Virts, the faster you can build great tests and ship that awesome API.
Fast Switching
  • Toggling the routing feature allows you to quickly test and diagnose issues in real time. Especially useful in agile and DevOps shops, being able to model, code, and integrate becomes a whole lot easier when you have ServiceV in the mix. Also very useful on an API sandbox (Virt deployed to VirtServer for use by others) when you need to visualize and diagnose problematic API calls from a partner, 3rd party developer, or even simply another member of your team.

ServiceV Pro 1.3

Lightweight service virtualization now goes beyond APIs (like SOAP and REST) and extends to JMS (Java Messaging Service), a critical back-end component of many Java apps, web-based or otherwise. Now with the ability to simulate JMS endpoints, ServiceV Pro is the industry’s most cost-effective and user-friendly API virtualization tool.

New features in ServiceV Pro:
  • JMS Virtualization.

ServiceV Pro 1.2

ServiceV Pro 1.2 includes several enhancements:

  • We've added more power to the data-driven feature of the ServiceV Pro by allowing you to connect your Virts to a database
  • You can now generate data for on-the-fly virt responses. 
  • You can now simulate multiple authentication types.
  • When using ServiceV Pro with the VirtServer, you can now control multiple virts simultaneously, including dragging them from your local instance to the VirtServer.
  • We’ve added a sample project so you can see how API virtualization works.

ServiceV Pro 1.1

ServiceV Pro 1.1 includes important improvements that give you more power and flexibility when working with your virtual APIs. Those improvements include:

  • The ability to run virtual APIs from your Continuous Integration environment by using our new Jenkins plugin.
  • The ability to run virtual APIs from your Continuous Integration environment by using our updated Maven plugin.
  • Greater security with deployed virtual APIs by providing support for https.
  • Much more powerful data driven virts with the addition of JDBC as a data source.

ServiceV Pro 1.0

In today’s software industry, APIs are the glue that holds everything together. If developers are going to build great applications, they need to work with great APIs. SmartBear Software is on a mission to make sure that every API is a great API - so that every application can be a great application. But we know you need the right tools to make that happen. We are happy to introduce Ready API, our next-gen API platform based on our award-winning SoapUI tool and designed to give you all the tools you need, and only the tools you need, when building and testing APIs.

Ready API will help you:
  • Validate your model by creating mock services from service descriptions.
  • Test your API with functional, load and security tests.
  • Integrate with confidence by creating virts for other teams to work with.
This release includes:
  • Everything you need for API functional testing: SoapUIAvailable both in Pro and Base Versions.
  • Easy-to-use tool for API load testing: LoadUIAvailable in Base Version only.
  • Comprehensive API security testing: SecureAvailable in Base Version only.
  • Efficient and easy service virtualization: ServiceVAvailable both in Pro and Base Versions.
  • Our solution for deploying and sharing virtual services: VirtServer
  • Centralized API Projects and Workspace management.
  • API discovery capabilities for testing and virtualizing APIs.

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