LoadUI NG Pro 1.8

  • Even more extensive load test coverage

    Many prominent websites have underperformed when faced with unpredictable and sudden user traffic, make sure your API performs well under such loads by testing them on the Spike template in the new LoadUI NG. 
    A smoke test along with the daily build is a recommended practice in the industry, LoadUI NG now allows you to do smoke testing out of the box through the Smoke template.
  • Get more out of the time you spend load testing

    We have added several features to the new LoadUI NG that enhance productivity and enable efficiency, you can now search for metrics in the 'Add Statistics' dialog and also make the most out of transaction log by filtering content through a conditional Groovy script filter
  • Monitor your Java Virtual Machine (JVM) under load tests

    LoadUI NG now ensures that your JVM behaves, while your services delight your users. LoadUI NG 1.8 allows you to monitor the health of your JVM while you run your load tests. Attributes like memory and thread counts can be tracked as your load tests progress.


What was in Previous Releases?

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