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QAComplete JIRA Integration

Easily keep your team members who love to use Jira up-to-speed on any testing activities taking place in QAComplete. Any changes you make in QAComplete are available in real-time within Jira.

  • Real-Time Two Way Sync

    Changes made to requirements and defects in QAComplete or Jira are automatically reflected across user stories, tasks, bugs, or even custom issue types in Jira.
  • Switch Between Tools Easily

    Directly look up any linked QAComplete projects within Jira. Or if needed view testing activities associated to Jira issues within QAComplete.
  • Auto Populate Tests Steps in Jira

    Easily reproduce test scenarios by bringing test steps defined in QAComplete to Jira.
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Remarkable Improvements in Test Runner

Test Runner has been completely revamped. This includes a brand new UI, with a special focus on making the process of running tests simpler, intuitive, and with fewer clicks.

  • More Capabilities at Test Set Level

    With the new Test Runner, you now have more capabilities at the test set level. For instance, previously you had to go to the test step level to tag “run by” and “run by host” fields, whereas in QAComplete 11.1, all this can be done at the test set level. 
  • Get More Insight at Step Level

    More insights can be found at the step level as well. Now for instance you can have attachments at the step level for both expected and actual results. This works great when you have to report issues back to development and they want to compare expected vs actual scenarios.

New Reporting Engine

  • QAComplete comes with an entirely new reporting engine. These reports can be fully customized by selecting specific fields as well as the filtering criteria. Once run, the reports can be exported to multiple formats, including pdf, xls, rtf among others.

Enhanced Integrations with TestComplete

  • With TestComplete 12.0, you get a new robust integration to QAComplete. You can send projects suites, projects, or tests to QAComplete right from within TestComplete. Just right click and “Export to QAComplete” option withinTestComplete will do the rest. There is no need for any context switching as the entire activity is performed right from within TestComplete. 

Customizable Dashboards

  • An entirely new customizable dashboard system is available with QAComplete. This includes out of the box new dashboard charts and an ability to zoom in and zoom out on populated data. Such dashboards are saved at the user level, thereby allowing users an ability to track data based on the parts of the project they are working upon.

Improved Password Security Features

  • Security administrators can enforce stronger password rules such as password history and password complexity.

Support for Single Sign-on (SSO)

  • Integrate QAComplete with SAML2 Identity Providers to eliminate the need to remember several different passwords. Examples include Okta and Ping Identity. 

Features Added in Previous Releases

Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge Support

  • Support for Windows 10 and Edge, Microsoft’s new web browser.

Connector for JIRA and QAComplete

  • Create access, edit, and update defects and requirements in Jira without having to leave QAComplete. Any changes made during the process are synchronized automatically between the two tools.

SoapUI NG and SoapUI Integration


  • New more powerful Swagger formatted RESTful API. Start building integrations with your favorite tools here.

Selenium WebDriver Integration with QAComplete

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