Web Application Solutions

Use One Test Across Multiple Browsers

One Test For BrowsersRun one test against multiple browsers to save time and effort. Choose among  Python, VBScript, JScript, C++Script, C#Script, or DelphiScript as scripting languages. Or use record and replay to create tests to create robust tests. Automate testing of dynamic controls such as AJAX and JavaScript.

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Scale your Selenium WebDriver Tests

Selenium Testing

Execute Selenium WebDriver tests from the cloud or virtual machines. Run multiple tests in parallel to reduce testing time. Prevent hidden costs associated with setting up, maintaining, and scaling Selenium Grid for only $499 a year. Get actionable results on Selenium tests using in-depth reports.

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Deliver Predictable Website Performance

Testing It AllDesign and run performance, stress, and load tests for websites and web apps. Reuse functional tests as performance tests.  No need to script in order to change functional tests to performance tests.  Create your first load test within a few seconds, even without any programming knowledge.

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Proactively Manage Website Experience

Manage User ExperienceUse nodes spread across 81 global locations to find performance bottlenecks before they impact your users and business. Place private monitoring nodes behind the firewall to monitor performance and availability of your business critical web applications.

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