Web Application Solutions

Web application + website testing and monitoring


Web applications are the lifeblood of any business.  The web solutions are critical because customers, clients and anyone that wants to communicate with a business, expects to be able to do so online in real time. They are more complicated because no website or application stands alone.

Modern software architecture is based on a component architecture with components coming from a variety of sources, and deployed over a distributed architecture of servers, databases, CDNs, Wi-Fi, cell, and web services coming together finally in the web browser of the user. The devices themselves range from laptops, cell phones, tablets, and televisions, and all with a variety of operating systems and browsers. Complexity is also added as the technologies that make up the delivery chain change regularly. Web technology has gone from HTML to Java to HTML5 while adding in Flash, Ajax, CSS and new requirements for mobile responsiveness and mobile apps themselves.

  • End users have high expectations for availability and performance cutting across business or industry.
  • It can be difficult to test the system when the components come from a variety of sources.
  • It can be time-consuming for people and tools to keep up with the technology changes.
  • Product environments differ from test or development environments.
  • Components and systems must talk to each other and play together.
  • The complexity of the system makes it difficult to identify problems.
  • Once an issue is detected it can be a arduous process to figure out what is wrong or who should fix it.

Simply put, it is hard to create, test, and deliver quality web applications.


  1. Automated testing - complexity increases the need to automate testing- for coverage and to reduce human error.
  2. Code collaboration - everyone is under pressure to deliver more code faster – better communications facilitates this process.
  3. API readiness - APIs—the glue that holds the application components together—needs special attention.
  4. Performance Monitoring - it is essential to understand how web applications are performing “in the wild” when the application is delivered. In order to do that you need to monitor performance as an end user would see it. System availability is insufficient to determine if a web application is meeting user expectations.

SmartBear offers tools to help in each of the above areas.