API Functional Testing
with SoapUI NG Pro

The world's most popular API testing tool for good reason

Whether you use REST, SOAP or other popular API and IoT protocols, SoapUI NG Pro provides complete functional testing capability. Based on core technology from over a decade open source community feedback, SoapUI NG Pro helps you ensure that your API performs as intended and meets all of your business requirements with the most agile and most comprehensive API testing tool available to development and testing teams.

Prove that your API does it's job

The first essential piece of API readiness is making sure that your API does what it is supposed to do and returns the data it's expected to return. SoapUI NG Pro uses the tried-and-true SoapUI testing capabilities to help you ensure that your REST and SOAP APIs perform as expected. These features are included in the base SoapUI NG that is available to all Ready! API customers.

  • Generate your test skeleton from your API's service description, then use the Test Coverage feature to dynamically analyze your functional test coverage.
  • Run ad-hoc tests or use the command-line interface to hook your tests to your build system.
  • Test REST, SOAP, and other protocols using drag-and-drop test creation, test generation, and multi-environment support.

Put dynamic data to work for you

Data-driven testing can give your functional tests extra power and capability because you have the ability to create a variety of simulations using different data sources and values. With SoapUI NG Pro, that power is at your fingertips, allowing you to use a single test case to perform an infinite number of scenarios.

  • Use external data sources to keep your test data cleanly separated from your test cases, making both easier to maintain.
  • Avoid having to repeat your test cases for different scenarios by having a variety of data sets that you can run through the same test case.
  • React quickly when new use cases arise by creating a new data set to simulate user behavior without having to modify the test case.

Create API tests quickly and intuitively

Many API testers are faced with complex APIs that require significant effort in planning and creating the interactions required to accurately test the functionality. With SoapUI NG Pro, we make it easier to create those test scenarios by providing some point-and-click shortcuts.

  • Record API calls based on real-world web and mobile apps using API discovery recording
  • Use property transfer to take the response from one test step and feed it as a request to another test step, creating complicated dynamic references to project properties with a simple click.
  • Avoid complex scripting by adding assertions to your XPath or JSON-Path tests.

Automate testing to reduce errors

Creating API tests manually based on a written description or a specification can be time-consuming and inaccurate. With SoapUI NG Pro, you can use our API Discovery feature to find APIs and generate test structures for them. You can also easily refactor your tests when any of your APIs change.

  • Generate test structures from your API service descriptions so you can be sure you've got full coverage.
  • Discover APIs by watching HTTP traffic in the SoapUI NG Pro internal browser or through an external browser that uses Ready! API as a proxy.
  • Use the refactoring capabilities to automatically update your tests and simulations to be compliant with new versions of your API descriptions.

Simplify your API strategy with tools that fit in

SoapUI NG Pro integrates with your entire API delivery ecosystem, from design and mocking to issue reporting and deployment. With an open core plugin framework, integrations to the following areas make Ready! API and SoapUI NG Pro the most extensible and connected API testing tool in the world:

  • API management platforms
  • API description formats (like Swagger, RAML, etc.)
  • API Performance Monitoring
  • Front-end functional testing
  • Revision control / repository in Git
  • Issue tracking in Atlassian JIRA
  • SDK generation
  • IoT and other protocols (i.e. MQTT)

Increase API quality beyond functional testing

Making sure your APIs are accurate with functional testing is fantastic! Still, quality is about more than making sure the code works as expected; its also critical to know:

  • How much traffic can the API handle?
  • Is the API free from obvious security vulnerabilities?
  • Will I be able to deliver subsequent changes to the API on time and under budget?

SmartBear answers each of these questions through tools in the Ready! API platform, powered by a common core, and based on a decade of open-source testing experience.


"Easy to develop and modify SoapUI scenarios associated with the hitting power of LoadUI - perfect match for functional and load tests."

— Janusz Poblocki, Test Analyst / SQA Engineer

"Using a manual process to run 100 test cases previously required close to six hours of resource time. With SoapUI, testers can conduct the same number of tests in just 20 seconds. That reduces resource costs considerably."

— Imad Alassi, Sr. Test Automation Developer

"We can use it with multiple protocols, such as SOAP and REST. We found other tools would work well with one protocol but not the other whereas SoapUI works with both. Using the same tool to send data to both protocols saves us a lot of testing time "

— Nital Patel, QA Manager

Questions? Email us at sales@smartbear.com or call us +1 617-684-2600