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Performance Monitoring with AlertSite UXM
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  • Monitor globally 24x7. Harness AlertSite UXM for website monitoring, mobile monitoring, SaaS application monitoring and API monitoring. Measure availability and performance on a dedicated global network.
  • Record complex scripts in minutes. No coding, no professional services. Create complex performance monitoring scripts with a few clicks of the mouse using AlertSite UXM’s Advanced Web Recorder, the quickest and easiest in-browser transaction recorder on the market.
  • Get alerted, fast. If performance degrades, trust the fastest most accurate alerting on the planet to let you know in real-time by phone, text and email. Tests are automatically rerun to avoid false positives.
  • Identify the root cause. Get to the root cause of any performance problem fast. Advanced web monitoring shows you the source of performance issues. Fix the problem fast without wasting time trying to find it.

API Monitoring

APIs are the glue that keeps applications together. The performance of your APIs determines the performance of your applications.

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Web Monitoring

Look at web applications just like a user would navigate with a real browser including mouse clicks and data entry.

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Mobile Monitoring

More mobile devices than PC’s are used to access the internet, making mobile performance monitoring a necessity.

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How the creators of the #1 API Testing tools in the world do API monitoring

API performance is critical to application performance in production. You need to know that your APIs are not only making calls but functioning correctly and performing well. Create your functional tests with SoapUI then load them up to the AlertSite UXM platform and presto you have a production monitor. It's easy to find problems and fix them before they impact customers when you already know the scripts. Read more about API monitoring.

From the makers of...

API functional testing + MONITORING

When you know in a second,
you are never the second to know

Get alerted, fast.

Set up custom alerts and be notified immediately if performance degrades or you have a failure. Alerting by email, text, or phone and integration with Pager Duty means that AlertSite UXM notifications fit into your existing operations process.

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"AlertSite enables us to recognize performance issues quickly and resolve them before our customers notice anything. The cost and support are superior to Keynote, our previous performance measurement supplier, and switching providers is paying off in improved customer satisfaction."

James Horvath
Chief Technology Officer

Look at things from the user's point of view

End-user experience is not simply a matter of knowing if the application is running. Monitor what end users actually do.

Avoid issues

Prevent specific performance issues by monitoring performance of websites, mobile apps, SaaS apps and APIs before deployment.

Understand Third-party impact

Content delivery networks, third-party APIs, site widgets and other third-party services can slow your application down. Monitor these services just like you monitor your application.

  • Re-use your SoapUI functional tests for SOAP and REST API Monitoring.

Find and fix issues fast

Bring operations, development, quality assurance and business owners together to find and fix problems fast. The whole team sees everything, real users, synthetic users, and root cause all in one place.

  • Common dashboards for all teams.
  • Root cause identification - see if it's your application or API, or a third-party slowing you down.
  • Connect business operations and development for better results.

No professional services needed

Get up and running fast and make changes whenever you want. AlertSite UXM is a SaaS-based platform that is lightweight and easy to deploy.

  • Browser-based script recorder means no coding required to monitor even the most complex transactions.
  • Dedicated independent global network for monitoring with no set up or maintenence required.

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