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LoadComplete is a comprehensive load testing software tool for creating and running automated load tests for web servers and services. LoadComplete enables users to identify and pinpoint performance bottlenecks early on in the software delivery cycle. LoadComplete helps you check your web server’s performance under a massive load, determine its robustness and estimate its scalability, from within or outside your network and at both the application and server levels. 

What is LoadComplete?

LoadComplete performs load testing by simulating multiple virtual users that send recorded requests to the tested server concurrently and evaluating the server performance under a massive load. LoadComplete’s Amazon EC2® integration lets users generate load from the cloud, enabling users to perform load tests from the geography of their choice. LoadComplete enables users to cost effectively run and manage both on premise tests and large-scale cloud tests from within the same load testing tool. 



Getting Started with LoadComplete

Create test scenario                                       

1. Record a test scenario

  • Close all open browsers and HTTP clients.
  • Click  Record User Scenario on the Test Engine Toolbar.
  • Specify Scenario name, test name, browser, and Click Record.
  • After you have recorded all designed actions, click   Stop on the Recording toolbar.

2. Correlate dynamic parameters

  • Leave the pre-defined correlation rules and Empirical search algorithms checked, click Next twice.
  • Click Finish.

3. Verify User Scenario

  • Click  Verify Scenario on the Scenario editor's toolbar.
  • LoadComplete simulates requests in the recorded scenario for one virtual user.
  • Wait until the run is over.
  • If the scenario verification fails, get help using  Ask for Assistance


Run a load test

1. Create the load test

  • Double click the test name in the Project Explorer to open theTest Editor
  • Create virtual user groups by specifying user count, scenarios, workstations, browsers etc. 
  • Select load profiles.
  • Once you have configured the test, save it using File | Save

2. Run the load test

  • Click   Run This Load Test on the test editor toolbar.
  • After the test run is over, LoadComplete will display test results.
  • If the results include error or warning, get help using  Ask for Assistance

Analyze Results

  • To monitor the load test results during test run, use Runtime Graphs page in the Runtime panel.
  • View the Report panel to see the summary of the load test.

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