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The Industry Standard For Designing, Consuming and Sharing REST APIs With Ease.

APIs connect machines and humans together. They’re the building blocks of the inter-connected digital ecosystem of the 21st century, working in the background to make everything from video games, social media apps to medical devices and aviation systems work.

But while great code is important to make your APIs run, it gets incredibly difficult to communicate the value and functionality of your API, both to internal stakeholders, and external consumers. The OpenAPI Specification (OAS) creates a common framework to define your RESTful API’s functionality, including their resources, and associated request-response cycles. The OAS is both human and machine readable, and acts as the blueprint of your entire API development and delivery.

Advantages of the OpenAPI Specification


Human and Machine Readable

Make your API’s functionality understandable by every stakeholder and application in your development pipeline with the OAS’s human and machine readability.

Fully Open Source

The OpenAPI Specification is a community-driven open specification within the Open API Initiative, a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project.

Build With The Language of Your Choice

Develop APIs in the technology stack of your choice with the ability to generate client libraries and server templates in every popular language from your OpenAPI defined APIs.

SmartBear and the OpenAPI

The OpenAPI Specification and SmartBear’s history are closely connected. SmartBear was behind the original version of the OpenAPI Specification, then called the Swagger Specification. In an effort to standardize the popular open-source specification across the industry, the Swagger Specification was donated to the Linux Foundation, and renamed the OpenAPI Specification. SmartBear was also the founding member of the OpenAPI Initiative (OAI), a consortium of forward thinking companies to help develop the OAS in an open and transparent manner.

Learn how to use the latest version of the OpenAPI Specification, 3.0.

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