Continuous Integration Tools

Run automated tests every time you commit. SmartBear makes it easy to integrate your testing suites with nearly any CI server you may be using.

What Is Continuous Integration?

Continuous integration is the act of "committing" or "merging" small changes of code to a master branch frequently. It helps avoid the monster merge - when different developers merge large pieces of code into the main repository, often causing bugs and defects. By quickly integrating small chunks of code we can be sure that we don’t break older code with our changes. And when things do break (they will!) you’ll be able to track down the reason quickly - as you’ll have only added a few lines of code instead of a few thousand!

One of the main advantages to using a CI server is that it gives software teams a central place where they can execute and report on everything happening in their pipeline - giving them the confidence to commit often.


SmartBear tools have several native integrations with popular CI/CD servers like Jenkins and Azure DevOps (fka Microsoft VSTS) and work extensibly with nearly any solution through the command line or RESTful interface.