Customers have a pretty predictable habit of rejecting software that fails to deliver the intended results. That’s why thorough, effective testing is so vital to the success of every software product.

But testing is time-consuming, expensive, often repetitive, and subject to human error. So how do you achieve the quality you want without requiring your team to perform a lot of extra, often frustrating work? Two words: automated testing.

Automated testing helps teams test faster, allows them to test substantially more code, improves test accuracy, and frees up QA engineers so they can focus on tests that require personal attention and their unique skills and experience.

This white paper offers six tips to help you choose the right tool and get started with automated testing. You’ll gain valuable insights to help you make key decisions, including:
  • What test cases to automate
  • The best way to divide automated testing efforts
  • How to create good, quality test data
  • Creating automated tests that are resistant to changes in the UI


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