Critical Capabilities to Shift Left the Right Way

Shifting left is one of the key principles in a DevOps practice. Testing early and often is critical to the success of any product, whether it is a large enterprise desktop application that stores critical financial information or a sleek mobile e-commerce store that processes 10,000 transactions a day.

We all know that defects become increasingly expensive to fix the later in the software lifecycle, but often we're too busy to do anything about it. Shifting left is not a new concept that helps prevent defect leakage – it is simply an approach to software development where quality is considered and testing is performed earlier in the application lifecycle.

In this webinar, you will hear from SmartBear experts on what shifting left really means, why it is important, how Behavior-driven development (BDD) plays a key part, and how developers are instrumental to embracing this trend. We will go over a real world use case, describe a few challenges, and demonstrate how TestLeft's newest capabilities work together to enable teams to shift left effectively. With the right tools, a 'quality' mindset and a willingness to change, anybody can shift left. And as a result you ship products faster, at a higher quality and a lower cost.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The key skills and features required to shifting left
  • How to overcome the top challenges to adopting shift left 
  • Live demonstration of a shift left use case with SmartBear
  • Overview of SmartBear's tool TestLeft and a BDD use case
Akshita Puram
Param Chopra
Prashant Mohan

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