Scaling Automated SoapUI Tests in Cloud Environments with TestEngine

The way teams deliver software is changing at an unprecedented pace. Innovations from some of the world's leading cloud providers in distributed technologies and edge computing are solving infrastructure challenges that only a few years ago would have required incredible investments from smaller organizations. Coupled with access to services like Google's TensorFlow Machine Learning platform, the benefits of running in pure or hybrid cloud environments are clearer than ever.

As services become more granular and this shift to more complex deployment spaces continues, API testing is becoming more critical than ever. SmartBear's SoapUI open source and professional API testing solution are two of the industries leading tools for ensuring quality and functionality across services - regardless of where they are running.

During this webinar, we will explore some of the common API testing challenges teams face when shifting to cloud infrastructure, and how SmartBear's new TestEngine solution is designed to solve these issues in a flexible and scalable way.

In this session we'll run through:

  • Traditional usage of SoapUI Open Source and Pro in automated testing environments
  • Challenges teams face in these environments in both scaling and tool management
  • TestEngine and how it solves these issues
  • Example workflows and processes for running SoapUI test in the cloud
Ronan Trainor

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