API Development at Scale with Swagger Tools: Improve Collaboration, Increase Reusability, and Standardize Your Workflow

Today, thousands of organizations use the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) to streamline the development and drive adoption for their APIs. Implementing OAS across your organization’s internal and external APIs comes with a unique set of challenges, especially when attempting to scale multiple API projects across a number of different teams.

SwaggerHub is designed to help organizations address the challenges that come with scaling including: collaboration across teams, reusability of assets, standardization, and integration into your delivery pipeline.

In this webinar, we will look at how leading organizations in industries like aviation, finance/banking, telecommunication, more have been able to successfully scale their OAS development with SwaggerHub.

We will cover:

  • Installing SwaggerHub within your infrastructure

  • Integrating into your source control repository, CI/CD pipeline, & API gateway

  • Migrating your OAS definitions into one central repository

  • Setting and enforcing API design guidelines

  • Organizing your team and assigning roles and permissions

Joseph Joyce
Ronan Trainor

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