Introducing ReadyAPI 3.0

Last year, we made a promise.

As a team we began taking a hard look into the user experience for ReadyAPI.  From here we defined our goal: Help our clients deliver high-quality APIs faster.  And 15 months later we want to tell you about the improvements we made. After a lot of user-centric research, we’ve delivered a customer-centric tool. Cleaner. More cohesive. Something we’re excited to share with you, that amplifies your process. Because it’s built the way you build things.

We made promises. We kept them.

What did we improve?

  • Brand New UI!
    • Focused on helping users to get things done quicker by increasing productivity and efficiency
    • Quicker access to advanced functionality
    • One Navigator with all the tools for easy access
  • Enhanced GraphQL support
    • GraphQL is now a first class citizen in ReadyAPI
    • Differentiate mutations and query for easy end to end workflows
    • Support of GraphQL schema
Gail Shlansky
Temil Sanchez

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