ReadyAPI 2.6 Customer Training

SoapUI Pro is even better with these new features:

Smart API Discovery

  • With the new update in ReadyAPI 2.6, a user can upload a specific OpenAPI Specification before they start their workflow, and any API traffic matching the OAS file will be automatically filtered out, simplifying the discovery of APIs that are actually used and allowing testers to validate them even faster.

Enhanced Git Integration

  • As organizations shift-left and dabble with moving testing responsibilities towards engineering, they have the advantage of leveraging technology traditionally used only by engineers. One of those is Git, the version control system that has taken over the world of software and sprouted a distributed-development revolution. In ReadyAPI 2.6, we’ve added Git-native versioning, so you can push, pull, and commit just like you would in Git and a Git console that you can call right from the ReadyAPI interface.

Enhanced SwaggerHub Integration

  • You can now easily import API definitions located on SwaggerHub On-Premise servers and publish APIs from ReadyAPI to SwaggerHub On-Premise instances.

Enhanced Postman Integration

  • Also in ReadyAPI 2.6 is new support for Postman version 2.0 and 2.1 and improvements to the overall integration, like importing Postman Collections via local file as well as a URL.
Dan Giordano

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