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Accelerating Your Test Execution Pipeline

Presenters: Gabriella Grangard, Daniel Giordano

Is your team constantly feeling pressure to deliver software on-time without compromising quality? Let us help you take steps to alleviate this frustration by identifying key bottlenecks in your testing process so you won't have to compromise speed or quality.

As your test automation process ramps up, your testing efforts can lag behind because of speed and scalability issues. Test environments are often the root cause for a number of these problems due to the time it takes to create them, and the cost to reflect real users. Incorporating a test automation platform can cut your testing time in half by leveraging cloud capabilities of testing multiple devices and browsers at one time, and fixing bugs as fast as you find them.

Join our software experts to learn how testing teams can accelerate their testing efforts by easily scaling and reporting on their tests across multiple environments using parallel testing techniques.

Highlights include:

  • Real world demonstration of testing across multiple environments.
  • Techniques that can help you easily speed up your testing efforts.
  • Strategies to enable parallel testing for both manual and automated testing processes.
  • New ways to quickly pinpoint problem areas in your tests.

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