Optimizing Manual and Automated Testing with Jira and SmartBear Tools

Today, thousands of Agile teams rely on Jira to manage their testing processes. Jira gives agile teams like you a flexible way of view, manage, and report on work in progress, and can be incredibly valuable when working across different teams — including QA, development, and product.

As more teams adopt test automation frameworks and tooling to automate their testing within their CI/CD processes, keeping manual and automated tests in sync can be a challenge. This can be made even more difficult if the testing tools you relyon, don’t work within your native Jira environment.

In this 60-minute session, we will show how Agile teams can effectively create, execute, and analyze their continuing processes right with Jira. We will discuss best practices for handling test management and automation alongside Jira and show a live demonstration of how you can put these strategies into action with SmartBear tools.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Managing manual and automated tests in Jira 
  • Choosing the right Jira plugin to enable continuous testing
  • Connecting automated UI + API tests executions to Jira 
  • Tracking test case performance & results
Martin McDonagh