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Ensuring Predictable Performance For The Holiday Season

Duration: 51:56
Presenters: Nikhil Kaul, Priyanka Tiwari

Application and API performance issues are costly and time consuming to handle, especially during the holiday season, where every second of delay and downtime results in the loss of impatient customers and revenue to competitors. Aggressive deadlines that dev, test, and operations teams are held to before releasing an app to production only increases the risk that poor performance in production poses.

As more and more apps are getting re-architected with micro-services and SOA based approaches, dependencies on APIs and the adoption of continuous integration and continuous delivery motions forces a change to traditional "test early, test often" mechanism. 

In this webinar, Product Managers Nikhil Kaul and Priyanka Tiwari discuss ways in which rigorous load testing techniques along with proactive monitoring can help you handle high traffic efficiently during the holiday season.

This webinar covers:

  • Challenges with performance testing and monitoring in an Agile and Waterfall environment.
  • Increasing test coverage using dynamic data.
  • How to create realistic traffic distributions to simulate real-world load scenarios.
  • Ways to leverage existing test cases to continuously monitor your app in production.
  • Zero in look on the front-end and back-end bottlenecks of your performance problems.
  • The use of load testing in a QA lab setting and its role in operations for benchmarking against production apps.

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