Embracing Observability in the API Layer

A huge challenge teams face is establishing a unified, seamless view of their application and API components. By embracing a culture of observability, teams are able to better understand what is happening with their internal systems, what they are delivering to their users, where the problems are, and how to fix them fast.  

Organizations that have made this shift have shown their teams began to take more ownership, become less siloed, trust the metrics they have, reduced fasle positives, and transitioned from a reactive issue resolution process to a more proactive process, reducing their support tickets and accelerating their MTTR. 

We're discussing how you can embrace observability in your organiztion to get full visibility into your API Layer, and reap the benefits that come with this transition. 

Watch the Webinar to learn how to:

  • Cultivate a culture of observability with testing and monitoring
  • Amplify and target feedback loops with SmartBear Tools
  • Automate monitors so you can identify failure and alert on how to fix it
  • Reduce Alert Fatigue and the risk of false positives
  • Optimize application delivery and performance by establishing visibility in the API Layer
Denis Goodwin
John Lucania

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