Eliminating Dependencies in Testing: How Virtualization Makes Unavailability a Thing of the Past

New trends in software architecture have modularized and fragmented teams and systems to a point where development has slowed to a crawl - the exact opposite promise that Microservices and SOA had made. Testing teams are constantly waiting on services and APIs to be finished getting built out, or for a 3rd-party API to be accurately mocked so that they can begin running their E2E and integration tests.  These delays can take days or sometime weeks.

To decrease these delays and allow testing to happen all the time, introducing service virtualization into your SDLC for major positive impacts. Service virtualization works like a wind-tunnel, allowing you to test the aerodynamics of your plane's fuselage without having to have the engine already built and fitted. Join us to learn how SmartBear solves modern software challenges for agile teams.

In this webinar we'll cover how you can use service virtualization to boost your testing game and increase your deployment velocity.

You'll Learn:

  • Basics of service virtualization
  • Trends that are driving growth
  • How testing teams can use ServiceV
  • Full demo of a virtualized API
Joseph Joyce
Ronan Trainor