Deliver Secure, Quality Apps On Any Device

Over the last few years, security has become a primary concern for many organizations that build mobile applications that contain user’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII).  This shift has made the job of testers, developers, and SDETS increasingly difficult to meet the security requirements set out by the company while conducting the proper testing of their application.

To meet the PII and security requirements, many teams have moved to hosting their own internal device lab to ensure the protocols are met. Supporting the internal device cloud can be a full-time job - maintaining all the devices, OS versioning, browsers used for testing, purchasing the latest devices, guaranteeing “device lab” availability to test on, all while also meeting the security requirements. This can leave your teams distracted with operational activities and not focused on the importance issue of security compliance.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how BitBar can alleviate this burden by maintaining your testing infrastructure in the cloud. BitBar delivers a real device cloud that allows your teams to test your native mobile application on a variety of mobile devices providing the greatest coverage and meet your organization’s security requirements.

We’ll cover:

  • Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud Device Labs
  • Customer Success Stories on the Private Cloud
  • Value & Demo of BitBar
  • Live Q&A
Nick Brown
Wille Kreutzman

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