Collaborator: Code Review in an Agile Environment

Agile software development workflows require a continuous cycle of development, release, and improvements, usually across different teams all working toward the same goal: a bug-free product release that delivers meaningful value. Collaboration is a key component to an Agile implementation, and with today’s immediate challenge of geographically distributed development teams, along with new requirements in some areas of the world to work in an isolated home or remote office, effectively communicating is even more challenging than in recent times. In this shifting development environment, collaboration practices are even more important to ensure your software and document releases make it to your customers without a glitch.     

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how easily SmartBear’s Collaborator platform brings peer review to your distributed development teams, and how it can be added to your Agile workflow process to help you communicate effectively, incorporate peer review, and meet your milestones to meet your ever-shrinking release schedules.

Highlights include:

  • Why Peer Review in Agile workflows
  • Collaborator’s role in code quality and a successful development team
Dermot Canniffe

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