Collaborator 13 – Don’t Be Superstitious About Upgrading

Successful organizations don’t remain static with their software applications. Organizations are continually updating with new functionality to meet challenges in ever changing times. Some of these improvements are driven by customer requests, the need to address security concerns, and market trends, while some new features are driven through internal inspiration.  SmartBear is no different with Collaborator. In just the past 9 months, Collaborator has evolved from the last release of 11, through all of the updates in the 12 series, and has released version 13! 

In this webinar, we’ll begin with version 11 and move through the latest release of version 13, to discuss how SmartBear’s Collaborator platform has added patches to address security concerns, improved and added to integrations with various repository systems, and developed new features to make Collaborator even more frictionless in your development environment.

Highlights include:

  • Security updates
  • Repository integrations and improvements
  • New features

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Damien Walsh
Dermot Canniffe

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