Explore OpenAPI 3.0: Understand the Differences and Evaluate Workflows

Definition driven development is enabling teams across industries to build in new and exciting ways – and OpenAPI has solidified itself as the standard for defining and documenting RESTful services.

OpenAPI 3.0 introduced a new, more simplified structure to API designs. The new specification is designed to make it easier to write and navigate OAS definitions, combining some of the existing objects from OAS 2.0, standardizing the naming used for different parts of the spec, and even introducing new objects to extend reusability within OAS 3.0.

In this webinar, we will explore some of these new features as well as delve into some of the use cases and workflows that utilizing a definition driven approach to development supports. The SmartBear team will look at using OpenAPI 3.0 not only within our own ecosystem, but how we can use the standard to integrate out into other tools in the API space.

We will cover

  • An introduction to API design and design – first development
  • Key differences between Swagger 2.0 and OpenAPI 3.0
  • Workflows enabled by the new definition standard
  • Recent feature updates in SwaggerHub focused around OpenAPI 3.0
  • Demo integrations between tooling enabled specification
Nathan Wright

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