Azure DevOps: Now Quality Fortified with Collaborator Peer Review

Azure DevOps is growing in popularity with development teams.  Don't leave quality and peer review behind with a move to a new development system. With the latest release of Collaborator from SmartBear, Azure DevOps is now seamlessly integrated. With Collaborator, adding quality control through peer review and process gating is as simple as creating a pull request in Azure DevOps.  

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how easily peer review can be added to your Azure DevOps workflows. Starting with configuring connectivity between Collaborator and Azure DevOps, we'll work through basic review workflow, and wrap up with automated repository upkeep.  

Highlights include:

  •     How to link Azure DevOps repos into Collaborator
  •     Process gating with review requirements
  •     Automation settings for Azure DevOps
Dermot Canniffe

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