Accelerating Application Delivery Through CI/CD with TestComplete

Software developers and testers are under constant pressure to deliver quality software applications in the fastest time possible. This why organizations are embracing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).

Organisations implementing CI/CD pipeline face the challenge of testing their software without slowing down their development process. With limited time to manually test during a continuous delivery pipeline, automated testing coupled with CI/CD infrastructure like Jenkins is the preferred method of ensuring quality software is deployed at speed. With TestComplete, software teams can easily integrate their UI functional tests right in to their pipeline, ensuring you achieve true continuous delivery with product quality you can count on.

So join us for 30 minutes and learn:

  • How to optimize and automate your UI tests
  • How to integrate your automated UI tests into your CI/CD pipeline
  • The benefits of Integrating TestComplete within your CI/CD pipeline
Aaron Fox

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