Tuesday, December 16, 1:00 PM  EDT

API Virtualization can be an invaluable tool in enabling rapid development across multiple teams; by creating virtual versions of production APIs for early development and testing, it’s possible to develop, test, and load-test without being constrained by your development and deployment schedules. Service Virtualization also allows you to simulate various API error scenarios, such as latent response times, error conditions or simulating a non-responsive API. Testing these factors concurrently can be hugely beneficial in minimizing costs and risks associated with reliance on 3rd party APIs, and reduce time-to-market by resolving API issues before development is finished.

Join Suzanne Conniff, Senior Service Virtualization Manager at Nordstrom, andLorinda Brandon, API Product Marketing Manager at SmartBear, as they relive Nordstrom’s journey in implementing Service Virtualization.