A DevOps Maturity Model: Benchmarking Your Journey To DevOps

DevOps has taken the world of enterprise and large-scale software delivery by storm. Over 65% of the Fortune 500 say they plan to implement DevOps on at least one major project by the end of 2019 - but what does that mean? How do these enormous companies switch to such a nimble delivery system seemingly overnight?

In this webinar, we’ll uncover how enterprises approach DevOps as a journey, showing you how you can benchmark yourselves against the tech giants of today. We’ll look at the various stages of a DevOps journey and even look at a modern CI/CD pipeline in action.

Walk Away With:
- A true understanding of DevOps
- A benchmark for you and your team
- A sampling of a CI/CD pipeline

Dan Giordano
Parveen Sultana

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