Charter Communications at SmartBear Connect: Cloud Native Journey from Netflix OSS to Containers



Cloud Native Journey from Netflix OSS to Containers and Sidecars 

Charter Communications has undertaken a journey that started by going Cloud Native using Netflix OSS and the internally hosted tooling to help launch several projects that are consumer facing and the path forward using Containers and the orchestration that goes along with it. The first version of the internal Platform as a Service (PaaS) was built around the microservices architecture and focused on one public cloud provider using Machine Images. In this session, we will discuss the evolution of this initiative over the last year to leverage container technology (primarily Docker) with the Orchestration engine (Kubernetes) and the right Service mesh to go with running this PaaS infrastructure across multiple cloud providers. The session will also cover the design principles required to achieve the "3 R’s"... Reliable, Resilient, and Robust, which was a critical priority for Charter starting from the use of Machine Images in one public cloud provider to the current hybrid infrastructure and onto the future state where applicable apps would run the container oriented infrastructure.