Managing Test Flakiness: How to Make Tests Stable, Scalable, & Maintainable

Make Tests Stable, Scaleable, and Maintainable

Building and maintaining automated tests can often be challenging and cumbersome. In fact, the term “flaky” is often associated with tests — especially tests created at the UI layer. Even the smallest of changes in the UI can cause automated tests created at the UI level to break, resulting in a lot of maintenance overhead. This problem hasn’t gotten any easier with the explosion of browsers, mobile, third-party controls, and other IoT devices.

This eBook covers:

  • Root causes of flaky tests.
  • Solutions to test flakiness.
  • Flaky vs. Healthy Tests: How to Find a Balance.
  • Tools to scale automated tests.
  • How to separate signal from noise when looking at flaky tests?

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