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What Successful CIOs Understand About...

In this article, we’ll look at what successful CIOs understand about application monitoring and how you can use these lessons to ensure

Test Management Tools Comparison

Here are ways to perform comparison of top test case management tools. Look for these details while comparing test management tools and make better

How to Write Good Test Cases with Exa...

A solid testing strategy implemented using a test management tool can be helpful in such a scenario as it helps set clear testing objectives, identify

Why Xamarin is Important for Mobile D...

With the explosion of mobile devices over the past decade, mobile application development and testing has become essential for companies and teams

What is Mobile Testing?

The vast majority of software firms already recognize the value of investing in the development of mobile apps, so it only makes sense to extend that

What Is Manual Testing?

Manual testing is the oldest and most essential form of software testing. At its core, it represents a tester interacting with an application as a

What is a Software Defect?

The answer to “What is a Defect?” may seem obvious. Team members usually think of ‘defect’ as meaning something is wrong. But,

The Manual Testing Spectrum

Most people imagine manual testing as the lone tester at a keyboard. This tester does not read code, and they don't dream of writing code

Test Scripts, Test Cases, and Test Sc...

If you were asked to write a test case, would you know what to do? What about a test script, or a test scenario? The first step is learning what these

Managing Risk in Software Testing

How does your team come up a testing strategy? For many teams, the answer is "we don't", at least, not really. Instead the team does

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