Robotic Process Automation

Automate your manual business processes with TestComplete

"We don’t only use TestComplete for Test Automation. We have found it to be an incredibly effective tool for automating the entry of large amounts of data into some of our systems that previously would have taken a person hundreds of hours."

Manufacturing Customer

TestComplete is not just for test automation!

Use TestComplete to easily automate your manual and tedious business processes. Reduce your time spent with data entry, reading or writing data into excel sheets, interacting with desktop and web applications, and more! Ensure accurate reporting for these processes, with detailed steps, screenshots and even videos.  

Learn how Aurora Public Schools used Testcomplete to automate their business processes.

Work with a Wide Range of Applications

TestComplete supports hundreds of application types out-of-the-box.

Whether you have proprietary desktop-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software or utility tools such as Excel, Outlook and PDF or browser-based applications such as SAP or Salesforce, we have you covered. TestComplete uses a tried and tested method of identifying controls on the screen so that you can perform clicks, enter data, select items from a drop down and all other common actions very reliably. Additionally, TestComplete comes with very powerful OCR capabilities to enable you to extract data from PDF files and images.

This video demonstrates a typical data entry process that requires interaction with several applications. TestComplete will automatically download an excel sheet with a list of potential leads from your email in Outlook, read each row of data, map data in each cell with the corresponding field in Salesforce and insert a lead. After each entry is made TestComplete will verify if that lead has been added successfully along with screenshots for each step of the process. All this without a single line of code.


Orchestrate with Ease

The TestComplete execution engine can be easily orchestrated in attended or unattended modes. Trigger the automated process execution directly within TestComplete, or set up a batch process using our simple command line interface to run on physical or virtual machines.

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"We have reduced the overall average application testing timeline from several weeks down to several hours. That means software improvements go into production faster, and the quality of software has also increased significantly."

Lulia Meladze Head of Quality Assurance Team, TBC Bank