It's all about  YOU and YOUR Mobile Testing Requirements

Everything visible in TestComplete Platform — panels, project items, specific scripting objects, and others — is implemented as plugins. You can thus create your own plugins and extend TestComplete Platform to provide the specific functionality you need for testing mobile applications. For example, you can create plugins that add support for custom controls, perform keyword test operations, and add new panels.  

  • Use TestComplete Platform’s SDK along with TestComplete Mobile to build custom plugins.
  • Create plugins with full-fledged programming languages such as Visual C++, C# or Delphi.
  • Use VBScript or JScript to build script extensions directly in TestComplete Platform without using Platform's SDK files and modules. 
  • Use existing examples of script extensions provided with TestComplete Platform’s installation package to get up and running quickly. 
  • Build light-weight script extensions that extend TestComplete Mobile's functionality.
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