Use Existing Validations or Even Create Your Own

In-built checkpoints provided by TestComplete Platform enable you to perform verifications of different kinds and ensure tested applications function properly. You can even create custom checkpoints to perform verifications not available in TestComplete Platform.

Software Testing Checkpoints
XML checkpoint for automated testing
  • Use a special wizard to create custom checkpoints without writing automated test script code.
  • Use in-built checkpoints to compare two images pixel-by-pixel, files (byte-by-byte), or object’s property value.
  • Verify desktop application’s object and XML document using inbuilt checkpoints.
  • Confirm data of a database table or view or a query result.
  • Check for tabular controls, such as grid, list view, list box or even clipboard contents.
  • Verify a web service’s response and actions over a web page, like checking for broken links and use of ActiveX objects.
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