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Environment Manager allows QA teams to easily and quickly execute and report on TestComplete tests across more than 500 test environments. Right from inside TestComplete, without setup or configuration, you get an access to a real device lab for executing GUI tests across a range of browsers, operating systems, and resolutions. 

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The Complete Testing Platform

TestComplete CrossBrowserTesting Integration

Quickly create automated UI tests using script free record and replay functionality or choose from multiple programming languages such as JavaScript, Python among others. Once done, using TestComplete’s Environment Manager, run these tests on a wide selection of devices in the cloud.

Instant Access to Real Browsers in the Cloud

Say goodbye to maintaining and upgrading real devices, virtual machines, along with in-house testing labs. Run tests in parallel across 500 real testing environments representing various combinations of browsers, operating systems, and resolutions on real devices in the cloud.

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Browser Access
TestComplete CrossBrowserTesting Reporting

Speed up Your Testing Cycles

Run tests in parallel across multiple environments to speed your testing and developments efforts and improve coverage. Get detailed metrics to ensure proper test coverage exists across operating system, browser versions, and resolution configurations. Export reports into CSV and XLS files to share with other stakeholders.

Access Real Machines for In-depth Debugging

Gain access to live desktop web browser remotely to further drill down into problem areas. Use native developer tool or set up breakpoints to debug HTML, JavaScript, and CSS issues in greater detail.

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Environment Manager Debugging
TestComplete CrossBrowserTesting UI Tests

Quickly Identify Issues

Pinpoint problem areas using videos, logs, and screen shots. Get a video recording of the entire UI test from start to finish for finding and fixing errors quickly and easily. Share these results easily with other team members to speed up resolution.  Use live testing to manually debug issues in more detail across major browsers.

Enterprise Grade Cloud Security

Pristine browsers available per test session helps keep your tests data confidential. With our Local Tunnel technology, you can run your tests behind your firewall, on your local machine, or across a proxy server.

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TestComplete Security

Perform Visual Validation

Switch to the CrossBrowserTesting platform to capture screenshots and diagnose responsive web issues across over 1,500 mobile and desktop browsers in more than more than 65 operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows. Quickly set an image as a baseline to verify layout differences across multiple browsers, without going through different combination manually.

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