Plugins are a neat way to drive your API lifecycle with connections into your existing toolset. These integrations are bits of software that can be added to your API definition to expand SwaggerHub’s functionality under your control.

SwaggerHub currently offers 2 integrations – GitHub sync and Webhooks.

GitHub Sync

GitHub Sync allows generated code to be automatically synchronized with your GitHub repository. That means, no more downloads, merging code, complicated configurations, or scripting. Simply specify the target to generate, the GitHub repository information, and file/folder information and your clients and servers will be always be up-to-date with your Swagger definition. Clients, servers alike can be pushed to one or many repositories.

Check out this short screencast to see how GitHub synchronization works.

It’s a very powerful feature that moves plumbing and busywork out of the process and lets you and your developers focus on making great clients and services.


Webhooks allow you to trigger your own services and integrations during the lifecycle events that you are interested in. When triggered, the Swagger definition is pushed to the service you define for a number of events. Whether triggering a build, a unit test, emailing your developers, or other, you can dream up automation scenarios with SwaggerHub Webhooks.

These are just some of the plugins offered by SwaggerHub! Time to get building!

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