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We know that the definition phase of any product can be the most crucial and the most time-consuming… and an API is no different from any other product. Getting it right up front means you have a greater chance of getting it right in production. Any designer will tell you that having the right tool is critical in bringing an idea to life. That’s why we put so much effort into building a great set of definition tools for SwaggerHub, then made them free and accessible to any registered user.

It's also why we put such an emphasis on collaboration as part of the editing tools - API designers, product managers, architects, and technical writers alike are a crucial part of making a successful API strategy.


Let’s start with the editor – that’s where you’ll build your API definition so it’s one of the most critical components of SwaggerHub. We’ve based our editing feature on swagger-editor, an open source tool that many people have adopted as their editing tool of choice. With Editor, you can build your API definition in our YAML editor and see it come to life with our visualizer panel.

Definition Editing

Need to just quickly change the for the API version you’re working on? Use the Version Info tab to get to an easy form editor that lets you update the general information for the version of the API definition you’re building.


Perhaps one of the most common requests we hear from people is to provide them with timely and useful error messages. We’ll keep an eye on your API definition as you build and immediately give you the information you need to ensure your definition meets the Swagger specification.

Definition Validation

We not only give you the error message but we also give you a link to the exact line where the error occurs so you can quickly jump to the location and correct it.


But why design your API alone? 

We think one of the most compelling features of SwaggerHub is that you can collaborate with your API genius friends to define amazing APIs. Use our Collaboration feature to invite others to work on an API definition with you. You can invite up to 25 people to work on an API with you – the more, the merrier!

Collaborators can revise API definitions without restriction, allowing development teams to work efficiently and without a lot of administrative overhead.


We think you’ll find defining APIs with SwaggerHub easy and intuitive – give it a try today.


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