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Here at SwaggerHub, we believe that you should be able to find and explore APIs without a lot of fuss and bother. We put the API definition at the center of the development process. That’s why we make the API Registry available to everyone, without even making you login.

For API providers, we've made it simple to publish to the Registry when you have a Swagger definition you want to share - just Publish right from within the Editor and make it simple for people to discover your API.


SwaggerHub provides a comprehensive listing of Swagger-based APIs. To see the full list, just leave the Search box empty and click the Search icon. You can sort the list by name or the date the API definition was last updated.

Okay, comprehensive is good, but maybe it’s too much. Do you want to limit your portions a bit? Just use the Search box to enter keywords so you can narrow your list.

API Registry Search


When you find the API you’re interested in on the search list, that’s when the fun begins. SwaggerHub lets API providers manage multiple versions of their API on the registry. Flip between versions by using the version drop-down next to the API name – you can then open up any of those versions to explore further.

And speaking of exploring further, we’ve given you an interactive document interface so you can expand the API operations to see exactly what the API can do…and even try it out. Easily send a request to see what the response looks like so you can get familiar with the API’s operations and payload.

Test Drive the API


And, of course, what good is all the discovery and exploration if you can’t use what you’ve found? We get that too… so SwaggerHub includes several ways for you to make good use of the API you’ve just found.

First, you can download the API’s YAML or JSON by simply selecting which you want from the “Download” drop-down. But keep an eye out for the Docker icon – when you see that familiar whalesay image, you know that API is linked to a container on DockerHub. Clicking the icon will bring you directly to DockerHub so you can download the container associated with the API.

Use of the API

But perhaps most importantly, SwaggerHub incorporates the extensive code templates included in swagger-codegen so you can easily generate your client and server code in a variety of languages. Currently, we have 26 client code templates and 6 server code templates, with more being added all the time.


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