Ad-hoc API Testing

Developers need tools that are easy to understand through interaction, often through shell command line or right from the IDE. During API design activities, developers often test their API out in real-time using static data. So why not reuse that as the basis for later automated testing?

From a Shell / Command Line

ad-hoc-command-line-(1).pngWith Ready API TestServer, you can construct API tests on-the-fly using CURL or WGET to queue and monitor the status of testing tasks. The process goes as follows:

  1. Write a JSON test recipe and save it to a test.json file
  2. Use the test.json file with CURL or WGET to queue task on TestServer
  3. Wait or monitor for task completion

For more information on how to do this, see our documentation.

From an IDE

Most popular IDEs have a console window or panel where you can execute shell commands without having to maintain multiple windows. For developers who use this feature extensively for other system tasks, requests to Ready API TestServer can also be executed just as described above through the IDE.

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