What's New in SoapUI Pro?

SoapUI Pro 2.7

SoapUI Pro and the ReadyAPI Platform made some huge strides with the release of 2.7. The most powerful API testing tool just gots even better with these new features:

Intelligent Test Assertion Creation

  • ReadyAPI can now automatically create test assertions based on the response given from an endpoint. Using Machine Learning, ReadyAPI can intelligently configure these validations and offer up even smarter assertions over time - reducing the time spent creating tests and boosting test coverage to near 100% instantaneously.

OpenAPI Spec Test Coverage

  • Get complete visibility into the quality of your OpenAPI spec. You can now see what sections of your OAS definition are covered by test assertions and which are not - allowing you to pinpoint critical areas missing key validations.

GraphQL Support

  • GraphQL is a new paradigm in API development. It is a Querying Language that allows front-end developers to efficiently query data from the back-end. Like REST, SOAP, and JMS - it has its own response format, which we now support. This will allow us to reach a new segment of developers and testers using this cutting-edge technology.

Secure Pro Merged

  • To reflect that API Security tests are part of SoapUI Pro license, Secure tests are now merged in the same navigator tree as functional tests.

Docker Build File

  • Docker build file is now available for users to customize Docker images (link) for use in an on premises

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