SoapUI Pro 2.5

SoapUI Pro is even better with these new features:

  • Native Docker Support

    Docker is the leading container technology, allowing software teams to build, ship, and run microservices and applications in a more affordable, scalable manner than traditional VMs. Beginning with 2.5, SoapUI Pro will now have a Docker image available in DockerHub, allowing Agile QA and DevOps teams to run SoapUI Pro on containers inside their CI/CD Process.
  • New CI/CD & DevOps Integrations

    SoapUI Pro now natively integrates with a huge selection of tools in the DevOps toolchain: Azure DevOps (VSTS), TeamCity, Jenkins, and Slack. As we’ve see continuous testing practices increase in the market, the prevalence and fragmentation of CI platforms has grown alongside it. We’ve made it easy for teams of any technical background to be able to seamlessly implement API testing in their favorite CI/CD servers for faster, continuous feedback, then report on builds and tests via Slack, the world’s most popular communications platform.
  • Automated Test Creation

    Automated test generation makes it easy for any member of the team to get started by testing an API. By simply entering in our endpoint SoapUI Pro will not generate a few select assertions against it. This will also cut down on time spent in test creation when new services are built or integrated.  

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